Benefits List

Device for breaking toughened safety glass

Definition: - A thing made for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical equipment – a plan, method, with a particular aim.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is proven, peer reviewed, performance tested and internationally deemed such a legally compliant device.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is regularly certified as fit for purpose during the homologation of new vehicle designs.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ products are specifically designed as toughened glass breaking devices with due consideration of all factors pertaining to the requirements of a successful emergency exit window.

  • All Safe-T-Punch™ devices are manufactured from materials that exceed the requirements that would guarantee successful operation and is intended as a permanent fixture to the emergency exit window. These devices have no expiry date except for the security tag, deemed a maintenance item to allow for a required redundant periodic inspection of the installation every 18 months.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ can for the most part be inspected by simply looking at the device and ensuring that it is present, complete and the security tag is in its correct position. The operating instructions are intended to be visually inspected, any damage through wear and tear is easily noticed and easy to repair.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is designed to perform unattended public service and to overcome challenges of theft and vandalism which often render other types of devices incomplete, missing or unusable.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is installed on the emergency window, this is the best possible adjacent position for an emergency exit device.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is securely fitted to the glass in its place of intended operation using state of the art adhesive technology.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is fitted in its place of operation at the ready to be of lifesaving service. Much like seatbelts or crash helmets: - Emergency exit safety devices are only effective when securely fitted, in their place of operation and at the ready, during an emergency/crash.

  • The simple operation and in situ installation Safe-T-Punch™ saves vital seconds during an emergency evacuation.

  • A Safe-T-Punch™ device and an unobstructed emergency exit window or hatch, 700mm by 500mm in size and made from certified toughened glass are the basic requirements for a successful  legally compliant emergency exit.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ does not discriminate, the force that a 12 year old adolescent female can singlehandedly generate is sufficient to operate the Safe-T-Punch™ fitted emergency exit successfully.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is performance tested by independent UCAS accredited testing facilities and certified as fit for purpose by the VCA UK (Vehicle Certification Agency). All global competent authorities responsible for homologation of safety critical vehicle components deem Safe-T-Punch™ as fully satisfying the requirements laid out in UN ECE R107 emergency exit requirements.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is designed to outlast the vehicle to which it is fitted whilst remaining operational at all times.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is scientific in its methodology and design. This ensures successful operation when correctly installed and its simple accompanying operating instructions followed.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is designed to break toughened glass as regulated in vehicles, homes, trains, ferries or any toughened glass emergency exit intended to be broken when needed.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ a simple clean, peel and stick installation. No tools required.


Requirements for successful fitment and operation of Safe-T-Punch™ glass breaking devices

  • Glass conforming to UN ECE R43 Specification. Preferably flat glass.

  • 4mm – 6 mm nominal thickness as specified for vehicles

  • Thermally toughened glass ONLY

  • The toughened glass must clearly and permanently marked as to its type

  • The glass may be tinted

  • It can be fitted with an electrical heating/demisting system

  • Curved toughened safety glass must especially be tested for frangibility when broken from the concave surface.


STP30N – Small footprint to accommodate flat or curved glass surfaces. Robust mechanical device.

STP40N – Standard flagship device. Robust mechanical device for interior and exterior use.

STP40D – Retro-fit able device capable of breaking doubled glazing windows with up to a 20mm air gap between the panes of glass. This device is suitable for difficult to break curved toughened glass.

STP50F – Low profile, high resistance to theft vandalism.

Suitability testing

  • Processes used in the manufacturing of curved toughened glass may cause the inside surface to be more similar to heat strengthened glass rather than toughened glass.

  • This may result in difficulty in initiating the fracturing of the glass due to the higher ductility of heat strengthened glass.

  • Heat strengthened glass contains less internal stress and deeper penetration of the glass is required in order for the stress release fracture pattern to occur.

  • Vintage, manual and analogue, manufacturing processes used in the manufacture of curved toughened glass as fitted in old (+20 years) vehicles, may show a further exacerbation of the above effect.

  • Tests must be performed prior to installation to ensure suitability of the device model.